Arne Christian Beer


My name is Arne Beer. I am currently studying for my bachelor's degree of computer science while living and working in Hamburg.

I professionally work as a web developer since three years, holding roles as back-end and front-end developer.
As an open source enthusiast, I also like to build useful software such as command line tools and game develop libraries.

I worked in several teams of a quite big company and as a freelancer in a small startup, which taught me to navigate corporate hierarchies as well as working in a small dynamic team without a dedicated project manager.
Self-organization and team communication are very important skills I learned quickly and came to appreciate quite often later on.

Working on many private and professional projects, I became acquainted with numerous different technologies and paradigms, which gave me a good overview of modern technologies and trends.
Because of this I consider best practices such as version control and a properly configured development environment to be a necessity.
In my opinion code should be well documented, tested and easy to read.

In addition to plain programming, I am also very interested in infrastructure management in the form of continuous integration and Unix server administration.

In my leisure time I like visiting events like the Chaos Communication Congress or the Global Game Jam to give new programming languages a shot or to learn about new technologies and to use the opportunity to test them at the same time. Collaborative programming with my friends is a welcome side effect.

All in all, I just love writing clean and performant software!


Arne Beer
Hagenbeckstraße 60
22527 Hamburg
+49 152 31094973


LinkedIn: Arne Beer
GitHub: Nukesor
Youtube: TheNukeson

Programming related languages

  • Python
  • Rust
  • Lua
  • C++
  • PostgreSQL

Markup/Web languages

  • Latex
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Markdown

Technologies I use

  • Arch Linux
  • Git
  • Vim
  • Ansible

Software/Services I like using

  • Flask
  • Redis
  • Löve2D


  • German: Native speaker
  • English: Advanced

Things I like

  • Server Management
  • Writing useful software
  • Game Development
  • Game jams/ONOC
  • Playing the Piano

Employment History

May 2017 –
Machine learning engineer.
Data analytics and prediction.
March 2016 –
April 2017
Backend developer for an art related app.
Maintaining and improving the full stack of an API backend written in Flask.
February 2015 –
March 2016
Backend and frontend web developer for SinnerSchrader
Developing and maintaining code for several projects.
May 2014 –
October 2014
Research assistant at TI-Online in association with TU-Clausthal
Frontend web developer for a physical simulation, showing the flow behaviour of water in varying tank systems. The website is part of an e-learing platform and still under developement.
October 2013 –
March 2014
Research assistant for OLRC in association with UHH
Backend python developer for OLRC. A platform for online legal resource management, developed for Kenya.

Private Projects

A command queue for shells, written in Python.
Due to the lack of a nice scheduler for command-line instructions, I decided to make on on my own.
The software is now stable, for the most part tested and a small user base started to gather around it.
A neat Entity Component System framework for game development with lua.
This is a project that grew over the past few years. It began as a simple piece of code in one of my games and became a stable library with 100% test coverage. If you are up to game development and interested in using a handy ECS, check out the project and give it a try.
A project for automatic h.265 encoding of all video containers in a specified directory.
A small program which scans all video container in a specified directory and re-encodes them to using the new x265 algorithm.
It is reliable and tested on several hundred movies.